European Meetings in Ethnomusicology (EME)

Chief editor of the series: Marin Marian-Balasa.


European Meetings in Ethnomusicology (EME) is a peer reviewed journal founded in 1994 by Marin Marian-Balasa, Romania, as an academic periodical treating the musical traditions and socio-cultural connections or associations with music that were formerly, or traditionally, summoned under the name of folk music (and/or musical folklore). In the first years it was called East European Meetings in Ethnomusicology. Since the 8th volume, published in 2001, the title has been shortened. In 2002 EME was officially adopted as an ESEM publication and publishes selected papers delivered at ESEM seminars. EME also hosts the ESEM CounterPoint.

A Guest Editor is nominated for each issue.

ISSN – 1582 – 5841

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