EME 12th volume 2007

Editor: Marin Marian-Balasa 

Guest Editor: Rüdiger Schumacher, Dan Lundberg

Editorial Board

Bjorn Aksdal, Martin Clayton, Ewa Dahlig-Turek, Giovanni Giuriati, Ursula Hemetek, Slawomira Jeranska-Kominek, Frank Kouwenhoven, Laura Leante, Rebecca Sager, Britta Sweers

21th ESEM – Köln (August 24-28, 2005)

A Tribute 4

The John Blacking Memorial Lecture:
Robert Günther, The Anthropology of Hearing and Listening: Preliminary Remarks to a Theory of Music Perception and Understanding 5

Hidden Voices? – European Traditions of Ethnomusicology

Udo Will, ‘In the Garden of Cultural Identities Silk Flowers Quickly Grow Roots’ (K.A. Appiah): On the Logic of Culture, Race and Identity in Postmodernist Discourse 18

Ursula Hemetek, Approaching Studies on Music of Minorities in European Ethnomusicology 37

Hans-Hinrich Thedens, Intonation Studies in Norwegian Folk Music Research 49

Taive Särg, Estonian Ethnomusicology and Folk Music in Forming National Image 69

Francesco Giannattasio and Giovanni Giuriati, Presence of Italy in post-world War II European Ethnomusicology 100

Gerlinde Haid, The Journal “Das deutsche Volkslied” (1899-1950) – an Ambiguous Voice from Austria 112

Britta Sweers, Ethnomusicology in Germany: Some Thoughts from the Perspective of a Musikhochschule 125

Maurice Mengel, The Age of Archives in Early Romanian Ethnomusicology (Towards a Paradigm of the Archive between 1927 and 1943) 146

22nd ESEM – Yokkmokk (September 6-10, 2006)

The John Blacking Memorial Lecture:
Beverly Diamond, The Music of Modern Indigeneity: From Identity to Alliance Studies 169

Administering Musical Ethnicity – To Whom, By Whom, With What Consequences

Jan Sverre Knudsen, What Makes Ethniciy Matter? 191

Gerda Lechleitner, Intangible Heritage: A Discourse on the Performer-Researcher-Archivist Relationship

Music and Landscape: The Circumpolar Region

Susanne Ziegler, Wax Cylinder Recordings of Sami Music in the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv 212

Ola Graff, The Relation between Sami Yoik Songs and Nature 227

Krister Stoor, As Long as the World Shall Stand: Analyzing Jonas Eriksson Steggo’s Yoik to the Pite River 227

Pirkko Moisala, From Traditional Yoik (joiku) Transmission towards Formal Education 239

Erkki Pekkilä, When Folk and Elite Cultures Meet: Armas Launis’s Sami Opera Aslak Hetta 255