London 1999

XV European Seminar in Ethnomusicology
12-15 November 1999

British Forum For Ethnomusicology
13 november 1999

Friday, November 12

17.00 John Blacking Memorial Lecture

Chair: Udo Will

Gerhard KUBIK (Austria): Age-sets, initiation and masked performances in the eastern Angolan culture area. Analysis of audio-visual field-documents 1965-1987.

Saturday, November 13


(Joint one-day conference with the British Forum for Ethnomusicology)

9.30 – 11.00 Round table

Coordinator: Francesco Giannattasio

Simha AROM (France):A conservative point of view

Jean Michel BEAUDET (France):An old way for ethnomusicology of tomorrow: making ethnomusicology by listening to the musicians

Ramon PELINSKI (Spain):Ethnomusicology in the postmodern age: new rhetorics of cultural representation

Ruediger SCHUMACHER (Germany) Crazy for Pure Products? Continuity and Change in Ethnomusicology

Jonathan STOCK (UK): Value Judgements–Ethnomusicology, Musical Worth and Music Criticism

14.30 – 16.00 

Chair: David Hughes

  • Anna CZEKANOWSKA (Poland): How to Best Approach the Truth. A Reflection for the End of the Century
  • Christina JAREMKO-PORTER (Latvia): Latvian Ethnomusicology since 1991
  • Jehoash HIRSHBERG and Roni GRANOT (Israel): From a Case Study to a Cognitive Research: Durational Units in the Responsorial Singing of the Karaite Jews

16.30 – 18.00

  • Maria-Antonia JUAN (Spain): Ceremonial Dances in the Catalan Society
  • Laudan NOOSHIN (UK): From Prayers at Dawn to Techno in the Park: Iran’s Changing Soundscapes

18.15 Music from Thailand and China

 Sunday, November 14


9.00 – 10.30

Chair: Giovanni Giuriati

Bernard LORTAT-JACOB (France): Chant ? ou champ de conquete ?

Amatzia BAR-YOSEF (Israel): Musical Time and Space Concept: a Cross-cultural Model of Structural Analogy

Razia SULTANOVA (UK): Female Rites as a Musical Performance in Uzbekistan

11.00 – 12.30

Chair: Anna Czekanowska

  • Ruth ROSENFELDER (UK):  May I sing now ? Perceptions of Women’s Private and Public Performance in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Communities of London
  • Loraine Elizabeth SCHNEIDER (USA): Stolen Spaces, Sacred Songs: Coptic Liturgy in Jerusalem
  • Ingrid GJERTSEN (Norway): Music and Space in Lutheran Folk Song Practice in Norway. Cultural and Musical Implications.
  • Giuseppina COLICCI (Italy, multimedia presentation): Sound Map of a Ritual: the Madonna di Custonaci, Erice and Custonaci in West Sicily.

14.30 – 16.00

Chair: Frank Kouvenhoven

  • Ruediger SCHUMACHER (Germany): Concepts of Space and its Meaning in Balinese Musical Theory and Performance
  • Richard WIDDESS (UK): Spatial concepts and musical form in a Nepalese Stick-dance
  • Dana RAPPOPORT (France): Singing without being together: juxtaposed music for an invisible public

16.30 – 18.00

Chair Bernard Lortat-Jacob

  • Jean-Michel BEAUDET (France): Mouvement musical – mouvement choréographique. Une ethnographie amazonienne
  • Domenico DI VIRGILIO (Italy): Aspects of space-music relationship in folk-singing from Central Italy
  • Il-woo PARK (Korea): The Concept of Space in Irish Traditional Fiddle Playing

Monday, November 15

9.00 – 10.30

Chair: Martin Clayton

  • Sarah MANASSEH (UK): The Need for Continuity in a Changing Soundscape: the Iraqi-Jewish Religious Song in Israel
  • Katalyn KOVALCSIK (Hungary): Folklore Musicians, Revivalists and ‘Electronic Gypsies’. Classification of Stage Performers and Musics in Southwest-Hungarian Boyash Gypsy Communities
  • Iren KERTESZ WILKINSON (UK): Study of Roma Music and Ethnomusical Theories

11.00 – 12.30

Chair: Jeremy Montagu

  • Igor BOGDANOV and Alexander KHARUTO (Russia): Musical Folklore and Computer Sound Analysis
  • Elena PUSHKAREVA (Russia): Interacting Supernatural Creatures, People and Werewolves in Nenets Folklore
  • Katalin LAZAR (Hungary): Performance in Ostyak Shaman Ceremonies and Bear Feasts

14.30 – 16.00

Chair: Richard Widdess

  • John O’CONNELL (Ireland): A Space in Time: Learning a Lesson in Turkish Music History
  • Selina THIELEMANN (Germany): Haveli samgita: music, space and ritual in the Vaisnava temples of North India
  • Frank KOUVENHOVEN (The Netherlands): Love Songs and Temple Festivals in Northwest China