The European Seminar in Ethnomusicology (ESEM) is a platform for professional scholars and advanced students in ethnomusicology. ESEM was founded in 1981 in Belfast by the late Prof. John Blacking (1928-90) as a European network for ethnomusciologists, but welcomes scholars and topics from all over the world. ESEM also functions as platform for exchanging news on recent events, publications, job offers etc.

Currently, approximately 250 researcher from all over the world are registered. Members receive regular bulletins and are entitled to attend the annual seminars. The event at which ESEM is most alive is during the annual seminars held in a different cities every year in the fall. The members appreciate this occasion to exchange with colleagues.

Today, ESEM operates mainly in English, but traditionally French and German have served as alternative options. Any language is acceptable if translation into one of the official languages can be provided.

The status of ESEM with the European Commission is that of a Scientific Network. ESEM is an associated member of the International Music Council (UNESCO/IMC)



The ESEM community embraces diversity and promotes the values of respect, equality and inclusivity. We strongly condemn any form of discrimination and destruction.