EME 11th volume 2005

Special ESEM-CounterPoint Volume

Editor: Marin Marian-Balasa 

Guest Editor: Udo Will

Editorial Board

Bjorn Aksdal, Rimantas Astrauskas, Martin Clayton, Ewa Dahlig-Turek, Giovanni Giuriati, Susanne Fürniss, Dan Lundberg, Marin Marian-Balasa, Rüdiger Schumacher, Britta Sweers

Target Article

Martin Clayton, Rebecca Sager, Udo Will: In Time with the Music – The Concept of Entrainment and its Significance for Ethnomusicology, 3-75


  • Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann: Identification of the Entrainment Process by Degree Synchronization 76-78
  • John Bispham: Bridging the Gaps – Music as A Biocultural Phenomenon 78-82
  • Eric F. Clarke: Timers, Oscillators and Eintrainment 82-85
  • Mari Riess Jones: Exploring Musical Entrainment 85-88
  • Frank Kouwenhoven: Some Remarks on Music as Reorganized Time 88-93
  • Edward W. Large: Nonlinear Resonance: A Musical Universal? 93-96
  • Glaura Lucas: An Ethnographic Perspective of Musical Entrainment 96-100
  • Marin Marian-Balasa: Intellectual Entrainment and Openness towards Subjectivity 100-105
  • Jonathan G. Secora Pearl: Cognitive vs. Physical Entrainment 105-108
  • Britta Sweers: Socio-Cultural Interpretation of the Case Studies / The Concept of Entrainment Applied to Western Music Cultures 
  • W. Luke Windsor: Analysing Coordination in Western Art Music: Lessons for Ethnomusicology? 111-115
  • Nurit BenZvi: Entrainment – Expanding the Scope of Orality in Culture 115-120

Authors’ Response 120

References 129

Notes on the Authors 143