Finnish Yearbook of Ethnomusicology
Papers from the ESEM meeting in Jyväskylä 1997 have been published – with support from the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology, Helsinki – in two volumes of the Finnish Yearbook of Ethnomusicology, Vol.10 (1998) and Vol.11 (1999). Volume copies can be ordered directly from the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology. ISSN 0783-6821, see http://www.music.helsinki.fi/ses/main.htm

Vol.10 (1998)
Udo Will
An ethnomusicologist`s dilemma: Technology and the analysis of music.

Dan Lundberg
Welcome to Assyria – our land on the Cyber Space. Music and the Internet in the the establishment of a transnational Assyrian identity.

Chris Kemp
The development of the Moravian folk ethic, through the transplantaion of its cultural roots into the arena of contemporary western recording technology.

Irén Kertész-Wilkinson
Nurture the Nature: A preliminary study of the musical practices of two European peripatic communities.

Marko Jouste
Change and metrics in Guhtura-Niillas’ luohti.

Timo Leisiö
On Euro-Siberian byrgy, or the sucked concussion reed.

Jarkko Niemi
The genres of the Nenets songs.

Vaike Sarv
Historical changes in the melodic structure of Setu laments.

Martin Boikoi
Relics of burial laments in Latvia.

Vol.11 (1999)
André-Marie Despringre
Meaning of the old and new cultural variations of a French song from Brittany Ingrid Rüütel: Some results of a computerized comparative analysis of the Balto-Finnic runotunes.

Kataliun Lázár
Shamanism and folk music as ethnosurvival factors.

Elena Pushkareva
The experience of ethnological reconstruction of Nenets shamanistic ritual on the topic “prediction of the future”.