Framework Programme

In addition to the conference we offer different opportunities to listen to «Swiss music»: From a short introduction to play the Alphorn, to new swiss folk music and small open air performances of contemporary classical music in the city of Berne (as part of the Musikfestival Berne). To enrich the discourse on intangible cultural heritage with lived experience, we will make a daily trip to the alpine Bernese Highlands on Saturday 7th of September. On Mägisalp (1,710 m) – just above the timber line – we will join the annual «Chästeilet», an old custom, where the cheese produced by the dairies is distributed among the farmers. Mägisalp is as well the point of departure for our hiking tours (you can choose your level of difficulty) and/or the drive via cable car to a fantastic panoramic view point in 2250 m.