Druskininkai 2002

XVIIIth European Seminar in Ethnomusicology
25-29 September
Druskininkai (Lithuania)


Thursday, September 26

10.00: Opening of the XVIIIth E.S.E.M.

10.15: Session 1: The Baltic Area as an Object of Ethnomusicological Research.

  • Timo LEISIO (Tampere):European Folk Song and its Three Kinds of Pentatonicism. Reflections of Pre-tonal Folk Theories Thus and Now
  • Arnfin STOLEN (Oslo): Basic Tonal Structures as a Vehicle for Understanding the History of Sami Migrations – North versus South
  • Anu VISSEL (Tartu): Estonian Herding Songs Melodies in Perspectives of the Baltic and Balto-Finnic Relations
  • Taive SARG (Tartu): The Analysis of Runo Songs Versification Based on Performance

12.00: Session 2: The Baltic Area as an Object of Ethnomusicological Research.

  • Triinu OJAMAA (Tartu): Folk Songs as an Object of Linguistic Manipulations
  • Christina JAREMKO-PORTER (Edinburgh): Too much of Latvian’s Past? The Dynamic Opposition of Purism and Syncretism in National Folklore Festivals
  • Maria SAMOKOVLIEVA (Sofia): Some Common Elements between Traditional Musical Folklore of Bulgarians and the Peoples of Baltic Countries

15.00: Session 3: New Approaches in Ethnomusicology.

  • Anna CZEKANOWSKA (Warsaw): Towards a Dilema of Contemporary Field Research: to Integrate Totally or Preserve Distance?
  • Wim VAN DER MEER (Amsterdam): Postcolonial Musicology
  • Laura LEANTE (Rome): Transcultural Reception and Meaning in World Music: the Case of British Asian Musics
  • Regine ALLGAYER-KAUFMANN (Vienna): Discovering the Author: Towards a New Aesthetic of Music Theatre

16.45: Session 4: New Approaches in Ethnomusicology.

Panel session: “Woman, Music, Ritual”

Razia SULTANOVA (London), Estelle AMYDELA-BRETEQUE (Paris), Takako INOUE (Saitama), Tanya MERCHANT (Los Angeles), Yoshiko OKAZAKI (Tokyo), Il Woo PARK (Seoul), Ruta ZARSKIENE (Vilnius).

18.45: Video Session and CORD meeting

Friday, September 27
9.00 Session 5: The Baltic Area as an Object of Ethnomusicological Research.

  • Ausra ZICKIENE (Vilnius): Lithuanian Laments in the Culture of the Laments of the Balts, Slavs and Finno-Ugrians
  • Auste NAKIENE (Vilnius): Disappearing Sounds: Folk Music Recordings Made in Lithuania from 1935 to 1939
  • Ewa DAHLIG-TUREK (Warsaw): Poland in the Musical Context of the Baltic Countries

10.45 Session 6: The Baltic Area as an Object of Ethnomusicological Research.

  • Slawomira ZERANSKA-KOMINEK (Warsaw): New Approach to Classification of Folk Songs
  • Judith R. COHEN (Toronto): Reinventing European Jewish Music
  • Ingrid GJERTSEN (Bergen): A Norwegian Contribution to the Project ‘Traditional Singing in Lutheran Practice in the Nordic and Baltic Countries’
  • Margareta JERSILD (Stockholm): Traditional Hymn Singing as an Object of Ethnomusicological Studies – Some Examples from the Swedish-speaking Baltic Area

14.00 Session 7: New Approaches in Ethnomusicology.

  • Ian RUSSELL (Aberdeen): Researching Culture from the Inside: A New Approach to the Study of the Oral Traditions of Scottish Travellers
  • Speranta RADULESCU (Bucharest): Methods, Techniques, Technologies and Results of the Ethnomusicological Researches. The Case of a French-Romanian Research
  • Olivier TOURNY (Paris): To Work as a Team. Another Paradigm for Field Work in Ethnomusicology
  • Serena FACCI (Cremona): Ethnomusicology and Musical Education: Global or Local Perspective?

15.30 Session 8: New Approaches in Ethnomusicology.

Panel session: An Innovative Methodology for the Study of African Scales: Cognitive and Technical Aspects

Simha AROM, Natalie FERNANDO, Fabrice MARANDOLA (Paris)

17.30 Session 9: New Approaches in Ethnomusicology.

Panel session: Dividing or Unifying? On the Relation of Cognitive and Interpretive Anthropological Approach in Ethnomusicology

Udo WILL (Columbus), Rüdiger SCHUMACHER (Cologne).

Saturday, September 28

9.00 Session 10: Free papers.

  • Charlotte VIGNAU (Bamberg): Sound and Identity: The Alphorn and Switzerland
  • Shui-cheng CHENG (Paris): Political Event Songs of Contemporary China
  • Liv Lande LUND (Los Angeles): The Transmission and Apprenticeship System of iemoto in Japanese Traditional Music Today
  • Manana Shilakadze (Tbilisi): The Tradition of Bagpipes in Georgia
  • Marin Marian B?LA?A (Bucharest): Performing Religiousness through Joyful Noise and Playful Order: Notes on Shapenotes Singing

11.15 Session 11: New Approaches in Ethnomusicology.

Panel session: Ethnomusicology on Time: Digital Technology, Entrainment Analysis and Field Research Design

Martin CLAYTON (Milton Keynes), Yusef PROGLER (Dubai), Rebecca SAGER (Austin), Udo WILL (Columbus)

14.00 Session 12: New Approaches in Ethnomusicology.

Panel session: Acoustical Analysis of Traditional Music

Rytis AMBRAZEVICIUS (Vilnius), Daiva VYCINIENE (Vilnius), Jan ROOS (Tartu), Rimantas ASTRAUSKAS (Vilnius)

15.30 The John Blacking Memorial Lecture.

Roderyk LANGE Dance and Scholarship

20.00 Farewell evening. Concert of Lithuanian traditional music.