Hotels in the old town part of Ljubljana are small, and in the last week of September the hotels are still very full. The hotel reservations thus have to be made much in advance. Should you wait too long, you risk having no accommodation close to the conference venue.

We had made preliminary reservation in hotel Emonec until 15th of July, but you have to make reservation by yourself. The reference code is ESEM.

Emonec hotel ** (Wolfova 12)
Single rooms for 60 € per night.
Double rooms for 70 € per night.
Including breakfast, internet, WiFi in most rooms, possible parking.

You may consult the hotel list below for other options.

Hotel Allegro **** (Gornji trg 6)
Single rooms for 85 € per night.
Including Wi-Fi, AC, breakfast.

Macek *** (Krojaška 5)
Single room for 61 € per night.
Twin rooms for 96 € per night.
Above a popular bar, for partygoers. Breakfast included.

Pod lipo ** (Borštnikov trg 3)
Double rooms for 65 € per night.
Shared computer with internet access. Breakfast not included.

Alibi hostel * (Cankarjevo nabrežje 27)
Twin rooms for 40 € per night.
Private 4 bed room for 68 € per night.
Internet, no Wi-Fi.

B&B Slamic *** (Kersnikova 1)
Single room for 65 € per night
Double rooms for 95-100 € per night for two persons.
Including breakfast, AC, internet, possible parking.

Other rooms:

Vila Veselova hostel, Confidenti hostel, Mescanka Apartements, Easy flat Apartements, hotel Center, Flexus hostel, Zeppelin hostel and Ava hostel,hotel Stil.