Europeana – the Europe’s digital library

Some of you have already heard about DISMARC (DIScovering Music ARChives) – the EU co-funded project uniting Europe’s music archives and presenting the results to a global audience.

By 2010, the EU intends to have a fully functioning new portal Europeana – the Europe’s flagship digital library, supported by the EU’s i2010 initiative. Its aim is to present Europe’s digital cultural heritage to the world.

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CIM10 Nature versus Culture, 21st – 24th July 2010, University of Sheffield, UK

The Conferences on Interdisciplinary Musicology promote collaborations between sciences and humanities, between theory and practice, as well as interdisciplinary combinations that are new, unusual, creative, or otherwise especially promising.

CIM10 will focus on the relationship between nature and culture in musical behaviour, thinking and sound.

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